Easy to set up

Setting up ZuluDesk Scripting requires almost no effort. It can easily be installed from the ZuluDesk Management System via modules that can be added to environments.

ZuluDesk will handle the rest automatically, this includes installing the required ZuluDesk Scripting package to enrolled macOS devices, any Profiles needed and the updating of ZuluDesk Scripting.

Endless possibilities

Scripting gives you full control over devices, and ZuluDesk makes it a piece of cake. Run Bash or AppleScripts on the device at certain events, such as on login or logout. Or easily setup a schedule of when the script should run, such as every hour, or every Saturday at midnight.

ZuluDesk Scripting makes macOS device management even easier, and can all be done right from the ZMS with no hassle. To learn more, check out our support article.