ZuluDesk Teacher

Our brand-new version of ZuluDesk Teacher is a complete rewrite from the ground up. In developing this third version of the Teacher app, we have focused on creating a companion app that is complementary to Apple’s Classroom app. Use ZuluDesk Teacher in conjunction with the Classroom app to take teaching to a new level!

  • Prepare a lesson

    Use ZuluDesk Teacher to easily prepare lesson profiles, which include apps and websites to be made available to students during lessons. You can also limit student distraction by setting restrictions, such as preventing notifications or disabling the camera function.

  • Start a lesson

    Begin a lesson with ZuluDesk Teacher by simply selecting a prepared lesson profile. Once your lesson has begun, students can only view apps and visit websites preconfigured with the “Prepare a Lesson” feature. More effective teaching. Better learning. Less distraction.

  • Send a message

    Easily update your students by sending them a message using the ZuluDesk Teacher app. With this feature, teachers are able to communicate with their students.


  • Whitelisted apps

    Only Whitelisted apps will be available on student iPads. All other apps and associated notifications will be temporarily hidden from view.

  • Easy on boarding of shared iPads

    The IT department no longer needs to find the iPads for a specific classroom, instead a teacher simply scans a QR-code to assign the iPad to their classroom.

  • Restrictions

    The Restrictions feature can prevent the access and use of designated device functionality.

  • Device Information

    Information can be made available for any selected student device upon request. For example, the battery percentage for a device can be easily determined.

  • Prepare Lessons

    With the touch of a finger, ZuluDesk Teacher can enable the apps designated in a lesson profile and prevent the viewing of any other apps, reducing student distraction.

  • Much more…

    ZuluDesk Teacher has many other great features and more are to come… Get a fully functional free trial today and take your teaching to a new level!