ZuluDesk Client

ZuluDesk Client is a Self-Service portal that allows students to easily manage their iPads. For example, it allows students to install approved apps and documents. It also allows users to install profiles so printers, e-mail accounts, etc., can be configured on demand.

Easily manage your iPad

  • Lost mode

    With Lost Mode, you're able to track lost devices and see their current location on a map.

  • Play sound

    If you think you lost the device nearby, you can play a sound to help you find it.

  • Clear Passcode

    Forgot your passcode? We know, it happens... You can reset it yourself via ZuluDesk Client.

  • Remote Wipe

    Has a device been given a new owner? Clear all the data on the device through Remote Wipe.

  • Install Apps, documents and profiles on demand

    Easily install pre-defined apps, download documents, and install profiles. For example, download and read iBooks on demand.

  • Recieve messages (from teachers)

    Want direct contact with the teachers? With ZuluDesk Client, you can directly send messages to your teachers.