Become an Everyone Can Code Teacher with ZuluDesk!

We at ZuluDesk find it important that more students get in touch with code. To do this we’ve made it as easy as possible to help teachers setup the Everyone Can Code curriculum offered by Apple.

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What is Everyone Can Code?

Everyone Can Code is a curriculum that Apple offers to schools to help teach coding to students. These lessons are made for students from kindergarden to college level. The lessons help students new to code to understand what code is, and guide them step by step to write their first piece of code, and finally to create their very own app.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an iPad app that makes learning to write code fun and engaging. A student doesn’t need to know any line of code, so it’s perfect for learning the basics of Swift – a programming language created by Apple.

Swift Playgrounds makes the experience fun and engaging by gamifying the learning experience. It takes the student on a 3D journey, where they must solve puzzles using code. As they progress they will learn more and more of coding fundamentals.

Since Swift is used by professional app developers, students can use what they’ve learned to create their very own apps.

Easy Enrollment

With ZuluDesk, enrollment is a breeze! We’ve created a simple Setup Assistant to help teachers get started and ready to teach their students. Simply select which curriculums you’d like to teach, use our easy Setup Assistant to setup all the books and app you’ll need, and you’re ready to go. Start the lesson from your iPad or computer.

Select your curriculums

Get iBooks and App licenses

Start Teaching!

ZuluDesk Teacher Pre-defined Lessons

With ZuluDesk Teacher we want to give the Teacher the option to easily start Everyone Can Code lessons. Once enrolled as a Everyone Can Code school, lessons are created for each Everyone Can Code curriculum. A teacher can use ZuluDesk Teacher, select a class and start teaching the curriculums to their classes.

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