Device Enrollment Program

Get all your institutionally-owned devices automatically enrolled in ZuluDesk! Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is part of Apple Deployment Programs (ADP). ZuluDesk is linked with Apple’s DEP, where companies and educational institutes can easily implement and configure iOS and macOS devices (OX devices).


  • Wireless Supervision

    With ZuluDesk and Device Enrollment Program, you can choose to supervise iOS devices. Supervision provides a higher level of device management, allowing additional restrictions such as applock, weblock, turning off iMessage or Game Center, etc.

  • Mandatory ZuluDesk enrollment

    ZuluDesk enrollment on an iOS device can be enforced and locked when a user goes through the setup process. This means your institution’s devices are locked into the MDM management. And if a student needs to reset their device, they easily get right back to the correct settings.

Start using DEP in a few simple steps

Enroll your devices in DEP, configure ZuluDesk as your Mobile Device Management server and assign user profiles in ZuluDesk. It’s that simple!


Set up



Device Enrollment Program Demonstration