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Content Caching

Content Caching on the ZMS side: The Content Caching can be enabled from the ZMS at Organisation -> Content Caching. From here the desired macOS device, volume to store the files on, and IP address, can be set. In-House documents and In-House apps can be individually set to be cached or not.

Content Caching on the selected macOS device:

By “Selected macOS device” we consider the one selected in the ZMS to be used as the Content Caching Server.


Let’s get started

For full details on setting up ZuluDesk Content Caching, visit our support page.



Install “ZuluDesk Content Caching” to the Mac you wish to use for caching.

Enable Content Caching

Enable Content Caching in your Organisation settings.

Select the Mac device

Select the Mac device in the ZMS and configure where you want to store items, and enter in the Public IP address.


And that’s it! Your school is already using Content Caching!

How to set up Content Caching

Once the Content Caching has been installed on the selected macOS device, it will start to cache all In-House items which have been enabled for caching. It will check for new items automatically every 30 minutes, or can be manually Resynced right away using the Content Caching app on the selected macOS device.

In the future it will be possible to select if content caching should download new items during weekdays, weekends, or both. And the ability to choose hours of when to download new items (ex. Weekdays between 10pm and 5am).