In order for all customers to be successful, ZuluDesk partners offer integrated professional services and personal training engagements.

ZuluDesk is the gold standard in iPad management in Education. As a partner, you can offer schools the complete package, including management of their Apple devices.


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  • Turnkey Service

    No expertise or no time? Let an expert install ZuluDesk for you. Inventory the settings you need and let the professionals do all the installation work. Afterwards, you will have a fully configured environment. Ready for use!

  • Managed Service

    ZuluDesk has partnerships with experts who can configure and manage everything for you! Recommended if you do not have an IT department. Ask for the Managed Services subscription option and leave it to the professionals.

  • Remote Support

    You know what you’re doing, but need a bit of help? Hire an expert to guide you through ZuluDesk as well as the Apple program. They will help you set up your ZuluDesk environment and get you up and running in no time!

  • Onsite Support

    Most of our resellers offer on-site support for an even smoother start through ZuluDesk and the Apple program. Listen, learn, and act: Become the professional through our resellers On-site Support program.