We are ZuluDesk

We specialize in the field of education and in particular the management of Apple devices such as the iPad, Apple TV, and other Mac products.

The current trend in education is to make learning more modern and fun for children. The system is moving away from traditional teaching methods and embracing new techniques. As this shift is happening, ZuluDesk is being used in over 50 countries with new schools signing off on a daily basis.

ZuluDesk works together with Apple to provide innovative solutions to schools, parents, and IT professionals. With the continually growing field of education technology, we opened a new office in Austin, Texas. Working with ZuluDesk is great, as we make sure the workplace has a friendly atmosphere to build team spirit.

We provide a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for teachers.

  • Less distractions. Better learning.

    It can be quite challenging to merge popular interests with educational goals in a 21st-century school. As books are being replaced by tablets, teachers are competing for their students’ attention because of the huge amounts of distractions.

  • That’s where we come in.

    We make classroom management for teachers easier by giving them the power to control what their students are doing during their class. Our innovative platform includes an app that provides feedback directly to the instructors so that they can guide the students to stay on track, get focused, and continue learning. ZuluDesk improves classroom efficiency and has proven to increase learning potential.

  • Because our teachers deserve the best.

    Our teachers are heroes! Naturally, heroes need modern tools to continue saving the world. ZuluDesk allows teachers to distribute content, share information, monitor student usage, and block/enable student apps from remote locations. Teachers can offer more independence to their students by guiding them through the app to stay on the right track from either inside or outside the classroom. The app also connects teachers with IT support.

  • We support a powerful and global education.

    The technology available to both students and teachers allows them to teach, explore, and learn to their full potential. The digital landscape is an educational playground. We are here to make sure that it is just as productive as it is enjoyable. We want teachers to capitalize on today’s available technology, without worrying about competing for students’ interest. We are taking the stress away, thus enabling focus, learning, and growth.

  • A safe network beyond the borders mind.

    ZuluDesk is a platform for educational collaboration, curriculum development, and educator support. Students and teachers can now efficiently use the power of the internet to achieve their learning objectives. The app allows teachers to take their students out of the classroom and into a new world of learning. At the same time, our app provides individual control over internet usage, as well as the ability to share content with the entire class. We provide a platform that will help students succeed and reach their full potential.

How it started

ZuluDesk was founded in 2014 in a school in the Netherlands. The school had started using iPads (one on one) and was looking for tools to manage these iPads. The MDM solutions that were on the market didn’t fit the needs of their teachers nor IT staff. That’s why the IT department of this school decided to create an MDM built especially for teachers and schools. A few years later, ZuluDesk is being used in schools all over the world. In more than 50 countries, teachers and IT staff are convinced: ZuluDesk is the MDM they need to make the best use of mobile devices in their schools!

  • Student Tool for Teachers

    The objective of this project was to reduce time-consuming meetings between teachers and students. We developed a system that could provide an interaction environment for the teachers and students. For example: the students can discuss their work, attitude, etc. This system became very popular and is being used widely in schools. As expected, a lot of time is being saved every day.

  • Absence app for iPad’s

    This app was developed to check for the presence or absence of the students in a class. When the iPads were introduced into the classroom, we wanted to give the teachers additional functionality. Since absence reports were typically prepared on paper, we decided to build an absence app for the iPad. Teachers in the classroom would start the app and see the status of each student on the iPad. Then they could easily check to see who all was present. The absence notification was then sent to the school administration software.

  • iPad registration system

    When the school introduced iPads for the students, it was clear that they would need some kind of iPad registration system to not only keep track of the iPads, but also make a record of when incidents took place (iPad got damaged).Nowadays, managing and tracking all Apple products on campus is integrated into ZuluDesk.